Detoxing is considered as being very beneficial to the human body. It not only helps in removing toxins from the body but also can aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, promote skin health and even boost energy and mental alertness. When it comes to detox, there are some ingredients which are considered as being best for detox. For individuals who are interested in starting out in a detox program, the following is an overview of ingredients that can be used in a detox and their uses


This is perhaps one of the most popular ingredients used in every detox program and for a good cause. Watermelons are extremely low in calories and have very high water content: a perfect combination for detox.Watermelons have the capacity to fight inflammation and damage due to free radicals within the body. They are also rich in vitamin A and B and contain a high amount of lycopene, a carotenoid responsible for giving watermelon the deep pink or red color and also double up as a powerful antioxidant.This fruit also contains potassium and magnesium which are imperative in the detoxification process. These two minerals help to maintain blood flow within the body and also the hydration level.


Cucumber also has some impressive properties which make it perfect for detox. For starters, cucumbers have diuretic properties and as such stimulate urination and in doing so help flush out body toxins and cleanse the liver. They also contain potent polyphenols that help slow down the aging process


Lemons contain ascorbic acid which has several useful benefits. It helps in digestion, aids in detoxification, stimulates the production of white blood cells and also boosts immune system functions. Juice extracted from lemon is also very rich in vitamin C and also can heal and rejuvenate the skin while at the same time boosting energy levels within the body.


Grapefruit contains an enzyme known as AMPK. AMP- activated protein Kinase. This protein helps the body burn sugar and in so doing aids in weight loss and speed up the body’s metabolism. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and as such can boost the body’s immune system while promoting skin and brain health.


Strawberries have a host of health benefits associated with them. They have anti-aging flavonoids, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.When added to a detox drink, they have the capacity to slow down the aging process and protect the skin while at the same time providing vitamin A and C that are specifically needed during detox as they neutralize and eliminate toxins.


Ginger is highly recommended for detox due to an oily resin is known as gingerols that are part of its active composition. Ginger has effective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and also doubles up as a digestive aid. When added to a detox drink, it can help with bloating and constipation as well as the breakdown of toxins within the body.
As a norm, a combination of these ingredients is usually recommended so as to come up with the perfect detox drink.